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Virgilio Vasconcelos' keywords: Punk Rock; Diversity; Debian; Remix; David Graeber; Technics; Ailton Krenak; Donna Haraway; Art; Research; Gilbert Simondon; Paulo Freire; Blender; Democracy; Digital Arts; Perspectivism; Digital Animation; Michel Foucault; Krita; OpenToonz; Heterotopias; Gilles Deleuze; Rigging; Privacy; Education; Fedora; Open Access; LUCA School of Arts; Python; GNU/Linux; Free Software; Cosmotechnics; Animation; Noam Chomsky; Ubuntu; UFMG; Decolonial thinking; Re:Anima; Copyleft; Jacques Derrida; Pierre Bourdieu; Bernard Stiegler; Re-existence.


I'm an Animation Professor at LUCA School of Arts, campus C-mine in Genk, Belgium. I teach at the Re:Anima Joint Master in Animation and I'm a senior researcher at the Inter-Actions Research Unit. My research interests include philosophy of Technics, power relations inscribed in and reinforced by technical objects, and decolonial perspectives in animation. Previously, I was an Animation Professor at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), in Brazil. MFA and PhD by the Graduate Program in Arts at EBA/UFMG. I'm also a free software advocate, animator, rigger and I also like to code. You can see some of my works and know a bit more about me at:

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Blender Animation Book

I've written a book about Rigging and Animation in Blender for Packt Publishing. You can get the files here.

Old Blog

Yes, I had a blog. Haven't updated it since 2011. Anyway, if you need something from there I have kept backwards compatibility and you can read it below.

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2011-Jan-05: Ball kick exercise

Another exercise for the book. Here, Otto runs to kick the ball and for the glory of his team. The exercise talks about the workflow of creating this action, focusing on creating the Extreme and Breakdown poses, Timing adjustment, Overlapping Action and tracking of arcs.

It's a pretty short action, but has many animation principles applied to it.

(7) Comments

Glenn Melenhorst said:

I think it's pretty good. What I would watch is the way he decelerates on the kick and then accelerates again afterward. His velocity should be more even, with his momentum carrying his body smoothly through the action.


Aldrik said:

Currently looks like a miss-kick followed by a awkward step.

Good luck with the book.

Virgilio said:

Hello, Glenn and Aldrik. :)

Thanks for your feedback!

For now, regarding the contents of the chapter, the example acts only as a helper for the reader, so I'd be very pleased to see the readers come up with better shots. :)

Loolarge said:

Very nice work. Only the part where he lands on the ground has some oddity. I think when you track the hips and chest you notice he goes forth and back horizontally, thats the problem. I think you need to let it flow in one direction constantly instead. Other than that the shot is great!

Thiago Kolb said:

ae Virgilio quando sai o livro????


str9led said:

Well done, the audience is also modeled and texture?

Also good luck in further work.

Virgilio said:

Hey guys! Thanks a lot.

I'm planning to fix some issues in this shot now that the book is finished and I will (possibly) have some time for it. :)

@str9led: the audience is just an image projected onto a plane, nothing too fancy. :)