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Virgilio Vasconcelos' keywords: Democracy; Copyleft; Free Software; LUCA School of Arts; Python; Re:Anima; Digital Arts; Punk Rock; GNU/Linux; Krita; Bernard Stiegler; Art; Education; UFMG; Noam Chomsky; Paulo Freire; Diversity; Technics; Open Access; Remix; Michel Foucault; Fedora; Blender; Animation; Gilbert Simondon; Perspectivism; Ubuntu; Pierre Bourdieu; Debian; David Graeber; Rigging; Jacques Derrida; Decolonial thinking; Ailton Krenak; OpenToonz; Cosmotechnics; Research; Privacy; Gilles Deleuze; Donna Haraway; Digital Animation; Heterotopias; Re-existence.


I'm an Animation Professor at LUCA School of Arts, campus C-mine in Genk, Belgium. I teach at the Re:Anima Joint Master in Animation and I'm a senior researcher at the Inter-Actions Research Unit. My research interests include philosophy of Technics, power relations inscribed in and reinforced by technical objects, and decolonial perspectives in animation. Previously, I was an Animation Professor at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), in Brazil. MFA and PhD by the Graduate Program in Arts at EBA/UFMG. I'm also a free software advocate, animator, rigger and I also like to code. You can see some of my works and know a bit more about me at:

ORCID LUCA School of Arts/KU Leuven LinkedIn YouTube

Blender Animation Book

I've written a book about Rigging and Animation in Blender for Packt Publishing. You can get the files here.

Old Blog

Yes, I had a blog. Haven't updated it since 2011. Anyway, if you need something from there I have kept backwards compatibility and you can read it below.

2010-Sep-29: Salesman Pete (2)

You may remember when I wrote about the Salesman Pete trailer, made by former Supinfocom students.

Some days ago they've put the entire short online for our viewing pleasure. It was worth the wait:

2010-Sep-26: Tangled

Amazing character animation in this new Disney's Tangled UK trailer.

Among the highlights I liked the most are the second 44, where the horse gives an anticipation to the laugh; and at 1:11, for the amazing way how he handled the fridge. 

2010-Sep-25: The Monk & The Monkey

There is a very good short I saw sometime ago, which I think really deserves a mention: The Monk & The Monkey, by Brendan Carroll, Francesco Giroldini and Erez Koskas, from Ringling College of Art + Design.

I love Making-ofs, and these guys also made one, showing basically their lighting and composition processes (more details at the video page on Vimeo):

2010-Sep-24: VIEW Conference

If you live in Italy or are planning a trip to Turin in October, I have a recommendation for you. I've received a message from one of the organizers of 11th VIEW Conference, and I'll paste here their info:


The conference will take place from October 26-29, 2010 with the following deadlines:

VIEW's Promo Contest-- October 23, 2010

VIEWfest, "a global network of digital movie festivals," is also organized by the VIEW Conference and will occur from October 29-31, 2010 at Cinema Massimo in Turin, Italy.The deadline for ITALIANMIX was September 15, 2010. 

UPDATE: The great Dalai Felinto sent his valuable comments on this, and it's worth merging with the main post:


The online program can be seen here:

There is going to be an intense Blender workshop program ("competing" with top industry professional talks in parallel, but still :) 

And it's right before the Blender Conference, so if you are attending one it's really worth to consider it.


2010-Sep-24: Belo Horizonte

A long time without posting here, but there's a fair reason for it:

Three weeks ago I've moved from Goiânia to Belo Horizonte, because I've been selected as the new Professor of digital 2D and 3D animation at UFMG! :)

My classes will only begin next year, but I've also took a good opportunity in my other job to assume a new position here in Belo Horizonte. So, there's been a lot of things related to finding a new place, rent and everything else. Only today my ISP managed to install an internet access at home, so now my online life comes back to normal.

Besides that, my book on animation and rigging with Blender 2.5 is progressing well, but the final text will be delivered only in January. That means I still have a lot of work to do, but I'll keep you informed about it.

Soon I'll bring more useful posts here! ;)